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    At the upper right of the chat room you will find a create/modify a chat room button. Without these guidelines, the sexual connection will fail because of unintended affections, hurt feelings and other undesirable consequences.

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    After all, Michelle will be the first to tell you that she’s a bit of a handful.

    And after dominating (and losing respect) for her last guy, she craved the attention of a man who was a little more alpha.

    Just how do you help to create that enduring spark in his mind so that he can't keep images of you from reappearing again and again, so much so that he wants to be able to reach out and touch you as if you're still there?

    Well, there are never any guarantees when it comes to desire and love in life but here are some things that might just help you on this elusive quest...

    She got him – and she got all the problems that come with being with such a man. She couldn’t make him say that he loved her fast enough.

    She couldn’t ensure that he wanted to stick around for the future.

    And that disappointment needs to be grounded not in yourself, but in a chemical imbalance you need to know you had little control over in the first place. She got to me so bad that she made me think about all my past other girls, about how they were all so damn wrong for me.

    I started thinking about all this after a few things happened this week. How could I have known all of them now that I know her? And for the first time in a long time, I asked myself this question: How long would I have stayed if she hadn’t left?

    We met on and had several dates a week for the first couple weeks.

    We get irritable, the world hurts more and it suddenly feels like jeans stop fitting. Part of being a guy is the fact that there is no such thing as overflow. It’s how much of the same old shit a man can take before he falls into the traps of the insatiably insane. We start off with nothing there, wanting to not be so damn dry. And it fills and fills and fills until you’re with that person all hours of the day and she’s even outside the shitter door and shit, why can’t you find a second to breathe? I think this can explain the insanity behind some of our most horrible crimes. Most of the women I date tend to wrestle with polar opposite scales. I’m like a spider web to the emotionally disturbed. If you can’t even balance the two desires in yourself, how are you supposed to line them up in healthy tandem with somebody else’s?

    I know guys who tell me they need sex once a week at least. But when you’re scraping bottom, it isn’t difficult to fall into the traps of the insatiably insane.. I also imagine that maintaining a pleasant, rewarding relationship with a member of the opposite sex requires careful managing of both of these scales. Am I the only one who feels this is a fool’s errand?

    Nobody is ever completely full, and near depletion can explain the insanity behind some of our most horrible crimes. Not that I won’t refill before then, but I don’t need to.

    When he has sex — when he releases — the Brita fills.

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