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    At the time of getting into a no-strings attached relationship, you probably thought that the idea sounded fun and easy.Once you realize that your life has not become a romantic comedy, though, you might change your mind.Plus in this, Eminem raps about how fans would say or do anything to get with him or other big singers.He’s saying that he’s single and he plans on staying that way because he hates relationships and everything that comes with them.with the whistle, you out of bounds here And this time on my Sky-dweller say “The crowns near" Cause it's crowns there, you hear broke niggas talkin' that never sound fair Be tryna broker and bargain something that's not there I'm barely sleeping, having million dollar nightmares I'm right c'here, finna kill 'em, kill 'em all, they shi-shi-shivering I think they mad I put on my hood, fuckin' Zimmermans Racist when they tie me down with cases Cause my hand got dealed all aces, and I make their yearly savings On the days end, that I stayed in, First year I came in, Pop stars got came in [Talking: Meek] (laughing) Hold up, hold up, I don't know I said first year I came in, they got came in [Rapping: Meek, Verse 3] Basic bitches can't sit with us And none of these niggas ain't really rich as us We swore that that money’ll never get to us We swore that these bitches'll never get to us But now I'm feeling like I'm made for this shit And loyalty go to the grave for this shit And where the feeling you can't pay for this shit All my niggas pay for this shit Cause we already rich and you know I'm the shit Got fifty niggas with me, they got Rollies on they wrist Uh, I want everything my niggas want except for the hoes they fuckin' Roll that window down and nigga we get to bustin' Who that right there? ] truckin' It don't matter, you know how we rockin', we thuggin' Uh, living this life, getting it right That shit y'll niggas talk about we did it twice G-5 eggs in back this the life Look at my man's wrist there, you see it's bright Uh, rollie on wrist, ice on neck 21st and Berks, this the whole set My nigga Dean, he was catchin' wreck Bending corners on niggas, 50 in the Tec We got 30 in the Macs, 80 in the Myags.. I need like a basic beat [Rapping: Meek, Verse 4] [?] thinking how I got here Locin’ low and tosin’ pussy you was not there Holdin’ never foldin’, we was on the top tier Shackled to our ankles, it was like a nightmare You ever wash out your drawers the same water you shit Doing your push-ups right on the floor where you piss Cellies with niggas that went to war with the strip You gotta rumble with ‘em nighttime down to the mornin’ and shit I’m trying to tell them...(laughing) they can’t get no more of that right there (laughing) they can’t get no more of that I seen a nigga get murdered for a half a bird Headshot, cat licked his brains off the curb Before I had this paper always had an urge To ball in ‘em sixes on them like, Julius served I moved to the ‘burbs, but I’m still in the hood And I ain’t gotta rock a vest ‘cause really I’m good And I should shout out my connects, like really I should Like Death Row and 9’5, Meek Milly I Suge But I’m cocky as Pac, ice hockey the watch Green Mercedes, brown butter be broccoli the drop ‘Cause them winters was cold, the beef from broccoli was hot We was sellin’ them O’s, still getting watch from the cops Federal papers, indictments, nothing was righteous Praying that Papi don’t grow up to be just like us Praying them people don’t judge us and try to life us I did it for all my niggas, we ballin’ no they don’t like us And they wanna kill us, if they could one of the realest But they can’t find us on a wood watching the Clippers like a Kingpin (Huh?If you’re thinking, “Well, duh,” you might be surprised to find out that experts say we are actually at doing this. Lisa Wade, associate professor and chair of the sociology department at Occidental College, says that college students in hookups are typically afraid to ask the other person to sit down with them and have “DTR” conversation.

    Mary Claire*, a junior at the University of Georgia, ran into trouble with her hookup buddy after the guy she thought was just a hookup asked her to meet his mom and dad while they were in town for Parents’ Weekend. “We had hooked up four or five times, and he had never shown any signs of liking me [romantically].

    Be proud that your monkey has grown hair." The girl smiled.

    " A girl realized that she had grown hair between her legs. Her mom calmly said, "That part where the hair has grown is called your monkey.

    The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.

    It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.

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