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For this instructable you will need: • Raspberry Pi with an Whezzy Raspbian installed and internet connection established • Webcam (I use PS3 Eye Camera, but it will work with most USB webcams) • IP address on your local network (this can be found with the command $ ifconfig and should be something like: With the service started you can now open a webpage on your normal computer and by going to the IP of the Raspberry pi on port 8081 (in the address bar) you should be able to view your webcam (please note that the one in the picture shows port 8089 as I have set this up in the conf file. Jarrad's solution to give permissions to the directory would probably work if you wanted to store pics/videos. I've been going through so many pages for the past hour because the webcam stopped streaming after a few seconds. I don't know how to give permission so I'm following your route.