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, which is now available on VOD, playing a mother who has to save her baby from cannibal drug dealers. I had my chains, I went for the throat, didn’t succeed. I think they felt like ending it there was really putting a button on the end of the film. You know, I played a mom in a pilot I did for Lifetime I did a few years ago. I’ll get tweets from people that are like, “I’m re-watching season six. I’ve always wondered in “Once More With Feeling,” the last song “Where Do We Go From Here” fades out as Buffy and Spike leave. Just like the com-plete in the “Under Your Spell” song. It’s still the TV version where it follows Buffy and Spike. Were you ever part of the Shakespeare readings at Joss Whedon’s house? [Laughs] Yes, I was part of the Shakespeare readings. [Laughs] Occasionally you’ll get somebody who says your name first. That was 10 years ago and I think it’s a lot better now. Everything I’ve done I’ve had to do myself, except for kind of came to me through Adam Busch and Jordan Kessler, our producer.