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    Watch out when he starts pulling away and spends more nights playing beer pong with his friends than playing boyfriend/girlfriend with you.

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    Thank God for LA TRI Club and their Ocean 101 trainings. Straggle in late, chit chat like normal Italians do, and get yelled at by Coach Jerry to get into the water! And while you are putting on your wetsuit, and taking it off to shower… And when it came to ocean swimming, I felt like a remedial swimmer! My friend Natalieann and I would meet on Wednsday mornings. Our topic of conversation during our run: where are we going for breakfast? I’m happy to say I’m retired from racing, but I still love to swim and bike… My response: buy a book on triathlon training, get a trainer, get a full medical physical exam which includes an EKG, echocardiogram, find a sports massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist… Believe me, I’ve had my fair shares of falls from my bike and runs. Please take care of your body during trainings and races! If you don’t end up meeting that special someone, I guarentee, you will make amazing friends… Ultramarathoner, adventure racer and endurance sports journalist Adam Chase goes head-to-head with Triathlete editor-at-large Holly Bennett as to the risks and rewards of dating in and out of the sport. And it amused me to see the consternation on the faces of my athlete friends as they struggled with the changes. The process of recovery included switching my athletic focus first to ultra running, then to adventure racing, and now it is merely a hodgepodge of activity.There is literally nothing in the world more unpredictable and annoying than a tapering triathlete who will be variously moody, irrational, full of self-doubt, obsessed with the weather, germaphobic, restless, excited and anxious – otherwise known as a pain-in-the-a***. Expect any romantic restaurant meal for two to become a stressful search of the menu for a gluten-free, cheese-free pizza and a fresh fruit salad. Say goodbye to ever being on time for anything ever again, and say hello to waiting around for your sweetheart to return an hour later than promised from an all-morning bike ride. With chiselled and honed physiques triathletes should look great when dressed up to the nines.Also expect your dreamboat to tell constant lies about the amount of chocolate they consume, and be prepared to witness the full horror of a hungry triathlete who returns from a training ride and, having previously eaten less than a Trappist sparrow, proceeds to consume the entire contents of a kitchen cupboard in one go. There’s nothing more romantic than a long talk with your loved one about your shared passions – unless it’s a triathlete you are talking to in which case you can expect the conversation to be dominated by phrases like “I averaged 300 watts for my 20 minute bike test” or “I was repping 100m in 1.30 in the pool”, to which the answer “is that any good? A true test of triathlon obsession is to secretly start a stopwatch going when you begin a non-triathlon conversation and see how many minutes (seconds) your sweetheart takes to change the topic to something tri-related. Also prepare yourself for heavy use of the “had a puncture excuse” to conceal the truth that they went further than they said, or more likely went more slowly than they hoped. However you’ll never know because all they’ll wear in any public place is their most impressive race T-Shirt they have, a branded Headsweats cap, some compression tights and a pair of running shoes. There’s no denying that there is a certain expectation when it comes to the average triathlete body. I joined two triathlon teams: LA TRICLUB, and the CHLA (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles) teams. The Damsel In Distress Back in my triathlon days I would meet a ton of healthy happy people. When I trained at places like : The Pasadena Rose Bowl, Zuma Beach, and Griffith Park, I met a fair share of handsome fit male triathletes. As I was sitting on the floor pumping up my tires, I noticed a rather “handsome” gentlemen circling the area where I was sitting. ” he said as he took two more rides around my car (a brand new 2008 BMW) before he stopped. ” That “potere” or “able” portion came to me in 2008. Some of my fellow competitors included Jennifer Lopez and Mathew Mc Conahey. After I bought my first road bike, a TREK , I had no idea how to ride it. in my opinion does not apply to triathlon’s or racing! I decided to break in my new bike at the Pasadena Rose Bowl for my first ride. He also “fit” and adjusted my bike to my size, and gave me a lesson on how to ride my bike. After several emails back and forth, due to schedule conflicts, a date never manifested! Just because you know how to swim in a pool doesn’t mean you know how to swim in the ocean!

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    He replied with some snarky comment about “time spent in the saddle,” which I actually recall being quite clever and pun-ny. Sure, we may be the life of the party on the rare occasions we are out socializing. Or the fact that eventually, we need to balance out our 90% alone time with some human contact. I once saw a t-shirt at a local running shop that had the words “NO RUN = CRANKY MOODY” printed on it in large block print. We like our friends to be people who understand the value of setting personal goals and doggedly going after them, with perhaps seeming disregard for other aspects of life.Our idea of “going out” involves literally going outdoors on foot or bicycle, preferably in the wee hours of Saturday morning when the rest of the world is sleeping off an impending hangover. The paradigm of pushing through personal boundaries to shatter past records and achieve new, previously unattainable goals is something many of us move away from after we graduate from high school sports teams.If you make us stay out late with you at some sub-par Mexican restaurant, and hence compromise the quality or timing of our planned weekend long run/ride, we will resent you. We WILL spend more time swimming, biking, and running, than with you. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that, well, we like SBR better. Vacations, dates, and trips centered around doing something physical and rugged are incredibly hot. It’s really, honestly, seriously not about the bike. The bike is just a vehicle for personal growth and change. …but if you HAVE to give us a gift, give us a bike! This lens–one of encouragement, big dreaming, and distinctive goal-setting–is the one through which we understand how to show love and affection.If you’re looking for that dream date who’ll sweep you off your feet and pack your life full of incident and romance, who better than a triathlete?With buff bodies, exotic races and windswept, interesting lifestyles who could possibly be a better catch than a multi-sporter?

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